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Biona Organic Raisin & Coconut Cookies 240g

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Artisan, hand-made cookies using freshly ground flour from a windmill & palm oil from sustainable projects in Columbia.

Delicious snacks available within the hour, from Etefy!
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Biona Organic Raisin & Coconut Cookies 240g

Ingredients: Wheat flour*, margarine* (non hydrogenated vegetable, palm, coconut and sunflower oil*, water, acidulant: citric acid, sunflower lecithin), water, raisins* 10%, corn syrup*, barley malt extract*, sesame seeds*, hazelnuts*, dates (candied)*, currants*, almonds* 3%, coconut*, soya flour*, lemon juice*, salt, rice syrup*, sunflower oil*, raising agents: sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonate. *Certified organic ingredients

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