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Etefy has teamed up with some of the best farmers in the UK to supply the finest organic dairy and organic meat produce to our customers.  We take extra special care in knowing where our produce comes from, and in keeping good relationships with our farmers.

Our friends at Calon Wen make sure their cows graze clover rich organic pastures that have not been treated with sprays or chemicals. The cows have plenty of exercise and fresh air in the surrounding hills, and so are kept very healthy, introducing only the finest milk. Calon Wen Farmers also produce organic cheddar cheese and organic salted and unsalted butter. Please click here to get more information about our farmers products, their farms and their cows.

Biona supply Etefy with completely natural, organic, vegetarian friendly and great tasting prepared foods that are 100% traceable. They make a point of only working with farmers who use sustainable farming methods, and who do not use chemical pesticides or herbicides on crops, and do not work the land intensively.
Eversfield farm organic devon

Eversfield are a family run farm that nestles deep in the heart of the Devon countryside on the edge of dartmoor, the owners pride themselves on having a farm where the animals live healthy, happy and stress free lives, and where their land is carefully looked after. Eversfield supply Etefy with the highest quality of organic meat. Get more information about our Eversfield farmers on their website.
Dragonfly tea

Dragonfly are a family-owned, British company with a hundred year heritage of sourcing, growing and making the very purest and finest of teas. They travel the globe to find artisanal and often rare brews, some from remote gardens, and some from the most renowned tea makers. We are very happy to be working with such an esteemed company as Dragonfly, and are pleased to supply our customers with their very finest teas.
Rhug estate
The Rhug Estate covers 12,500 acres extending from Gwyddelwern in the north, Carrog to the east, Cynwyd to the south and Maerdy to the west. Lord Newborought, owner of Rhug Estate farm decided in 1998 to move from conventional to organic farming methods. Thanks to their constant effort in improving their products, service and methods, the family-run Welsh farming business Rhug Estate organic farm is a multiple award-winning organic food and sustainability company. Indeed, the farm uses the highest standards of animal welfare in order to minimise stress and is a fully sustainable organic farm. In addition, Lord Newborought supports all alternative energy projects such as wind turbines, geo-thermal, solar and hydro energy. Sustainable farming ensuring a better and healthier world for future generations.

Love from Etefy